Namgrass, the company

Since its introduction in the mid seventies, numerous green areas worldwide - especially pitches - have been laid with artificial grass. Over the past few years, more and more private persons use the green luxury product for home applications.

A large family garden, a trendy roof terrace, a tidy golf green, a small city garden or a neat strip of grass along the pool, there are many places where grass has little to no chance at all of growing. The solution? The new generation of artificial grass!

Thanks to intense research on the structure of natural grass, Namgrass can offer a very realistic product. Mowing, sprinkling, killing weeds and fertilising the ground are things of the past.

Discover the pleasant advantages of artificial grass and let the soft realistic aspect of NAMGRASS surprise you.

Why Namgrass?

  1. 100 % Belgian company, 100 % Belgian product
  2. 100 % focus on artificial grass
  3. International player
  4. Range of products for each budget


Namgrass today

Thanks to its unique vertical structure, The Namgrass Company can innovate continuously at any stage of the cycle. The Namgrass Company itself is responsible for the complete quality, production and distribution process. This way, The Namgrass Company remains a pioneer on the level of artificial grass products in more than 25 countries now, with its main focus in eastern Europe.
On top of that, Namgrass has been the best selling artificial grass since 2009.